Bathroom Kit

Ready to bring ease into your bathroom routine? Restore and relax with our sensual bathroom curation: non-toxic balsam scented deodorant, smokey vetiver body oil and charcoal-infused toothpaste and soap. A long-lasting razor that saves money and eliminates waste and a compostable toothbrush (because, if it's designed to be replaced every three months, it shouldn't be produced from materials that last forever!)

This bundle makes the experience of eliminating plastic from your bathroom routine as pleasurable as it is planetarily-aware.

With this purchase, we divert 6 lbs of plastic from entering our oceans.

Our Sustainability Director, Jhánneu Roberts, takes us through the journey of creating this curation here

Now, what to do with all your old sh*t once you've made the shift? We’ve compiled some helpful tips to make your detox circular and keep plastic out of the landfill.