We Recover Plastic
Before It Enters the Ocean

Future Prosperity is all about joining forces. We are pleased to partner with Plastic Bank® in our effort to create systemic change and support regeneration in communities where ocean-bound plastic is prevalent.

We are supporting Plastic Bank efforts as an official partner while also giving our FPXII community ownership: Each product you purchase will prevent 1 pound of plastic from entering our ocean.


Plastic Bank is empowering the regenerative society by helping the world stop ocean plastic while improving the lives of those who help collect it.

The company is revealing the value in plastic waste by building recycling ecosystems in coastal communities. Plastic Bank collectors receive a premium for the materials they collect which helps them provide basic family necessities such as groceries, cooking fuel, school tuition, and health insurance. Collectors also gain access to a digital savings account, up to a 60% increase in income, and the opportunity to establish a higher quality of life.

Plastic Bank® currently operates in Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Egypt.

Circular Economy

Plastic Bank reprocesses the collected materials for reintroduction into the global manufacturing supply chain. The collected plastic is reborn as Social Plastic® which can be easily reintegrated into products and packaging as part of a closed-loop supply chain.

Transparency & Technology

The company’s proprietary blockchain platform secures the entire transaction and provides real-time data visualization – allowing for transparency, traceability, and rapid scalability. The Plastic Bank App offers access to a secure supply chain of recycled Social Plastic® while storing authentic impact data, demonstrating environmental, social, and economic impact.

Development Goals

Plastic Bank directly contributes to 14 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, while indirectly supporting the remaining three.

Plastic Bank provides a consistent, above-market rate for plastic waste,  incentivizing its collection. Individuals who gather our plastic can trade it for money, items or services.

The value of Social Plastic® goes beyond the commodity price of plastic: a ladder of opportunity is created for the world’s poor by providing access to income, goods and services, and plastic is kept out of the ocean.

FPXII Community
x Plastic Bank

This is just the beginning of our regenerative journey with Plastic Bank and we are incredibly grateful to be able to connect you with a cause we believe in.

We hope this inspires you to share our story and encourage others to learn about our efforts.

If you’d like to contribute directly to Plastic Bank click here.