We are taking you
on a journey.

FUTURE PROSPERITY is an inclusive, solution-based educational platform and retailer focused on combating the plastic pollution crisis.

Tackling the Plastic Crisis Together

Future Prosperityis a celebration of the climate-minded, committed to building a consumer movement against plastics. We're here to share information, amplify solutions, and help our customers make product choices that are healthier for themselves, their families, and their communities.

We're here to share our ideas on ways to tackle this crisis, in hopes to live a plastic minimal lifestyle. We've curated our favorite low waste essentials from the sustainable market. Our Back to Basic YouTube series is our favorite collection of homemade recipes hosted by our Sustainability Director, Jhánneu. Whether you are buying our products or here for the conversation, we are building a consumer movement --- together.

Every product is a story — an entry point for conversation about systemic issues related to the planet & the environment. While the consumption-culture of capitalism is the problem, we are steering the market to create change by promoting buying fewer, better products that are in harmony with circular systems.

Our Plastic Pledge

Future Prosperity is committed to the Plastic Crisis.  We divert 1 pound of plastic from entering the ocean for EACH ITEM you buy through our partners at Plastic Bank.

Shop our marketplace for plastic and petrochemical-free alternatives to products you use everyday, and visit our editorial platform for shame-free, solution oriented conversations about systemic issues facing the planet.

We are a women founded company, half mothers, who want a safe future for families globally. We are committed to holistic solutions for systemic issues related to plastic consumption & waste. This is how we show up to everything we do as a business, as community leaders, and as individuals.

1 x 1

We recover 1 POUND of ocean bound plastic
for EVERY item you buy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore harmony between planet and people, by educating the public on resilience, self-reliance and our interconnected world.

We see a world where people and planet do not just survive - they thrive.

Our Vision

We envision building an ecosystem of brands, large and small, who are committed to developing regenerative products for conscious customers and newcomers alike.

We aspire to be the go to destination for environmentally sound products and conversation.

Our Commitment

We are a shame-free gateway to an inclusive sustainability space.

We are committed to inclusion on all levels, and supporting minority owned voices and vendors.

Why Now?

We have zero time to waste to make the zero waste shift.

By 2050, the ocean is expected to rise 1.5 cm to 3 cm, 1 billion refugees will be displaced due to climate change and the ocean will have more plastic than fish by weight. Corporations project increased consumption, meanwhile scientists already say we’ve gone too far.  

Climate, consumption, and culture are intrinsically linked. Conscious consumption is an entryway to understanding our deeper connection to the world around us through the things we buy. For us, it is also the first step to becoming more engaged citizens. To shift consumption, we need to shift culture. An entire generation is ready to take action.