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Addressing the plastic waste crisis

Full Circle Solutions

We know there are no sustainable materials, only sustainable systems.
FPXII's mission is to amplify systems-based solutions while offering insight into accessible household solutions to XII major waste streams.

All purchases from our shop are considered Plastic Neutral.
Plastic is fantastic-- it is a durable, moldable, resilient material.
For this reason, we think it shouldn't be used so casually.

Beyond being all packaged and wrapped in recyclable materials, we have partnered with Plastic Bank to sponsor their initiatives in diverting ocean-bound plastic from entering the sea. That means, with the sale of every item, we sponsor one pound of plastic being processed through Plastic Bank's ethical recycling systems.

Co-Creating the Future

We celebrate innovations in design and industry that challenge status quo.
We envision building an ecosystem of people and companies who are committed to a regenerative future. We know that it will take an array of dedicated solutions to tackle the world's biggest problems and we celebrate small wins.


FPXII is a shame-free entry point for low-waste lifestyle swaps and environmental conversations. Read more from the founding team about what's to come.